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Graduation Project


.. though the building should contain; technology labs, offices, conferance halls, projection spaces, and a lot of private spaces, the building design also aimed to be inviting for the public.. so in the first two floors; restaurants, cafes, exhibition areas auditorium, terraces etc.. were located, leaving those two floors totally for the public, then raising the building’s height by adding more floors, the private spaces were solved, thus the private spaces were taken away from the public area, beside that the technology centre that aimed to be, represent the futuristic of technonlgy by its high raising floors...

For the second floor, the accessibility was only for personals, on the north side the centre lab was located, and on the south side the centre r&d offices was located, for those two functions there should be 
connection between them, so a long bridge was designed to connect between those two functions for the personals. Then the tower with its offices, sub labs starts from the 3rd floor on the north side and 
continue till the 22th floor....



Structure System

Recently Mega core systems, are the most common systems for twisted towers. It works by placing a huge core with very strong shear walls, supporting cantilever slaps for all floors. For this design a specific cantilever system was applied, it works by dividing the building vertically into several parts each part contain several floors, this system provides column free storeys for the terraces that were designed for each department of the building. This cantilever system works by transferring the loads of the building to the core using transfer trusses at the bottom of each part, while the induced moment from a 10 metres cantilevered truss is resisted by a force couple from tension and compression in the slabs integral with truss top and bottom chords. 


... to enrich the identidy of the neighborhood, a new landmark was designed, as a landmark the building should be attractive as possible as it could.. Soli neighborhood is known for its new buldings which most of them are tall in height, so desgning a building with 22 floors and 94 metres height was the idea to distinguish the project from the other surrounding buildings... the idea of high tower was also to seperate the public spaces from the private spaces, because before everything, as a landnnark the building should be used by the public even though it is a commercial project so leaving the first floors for the public then taking the private offices and labs to the high floors was also another metod that was applied to make the new landmark used by the public ....

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